Marshall Test Set





ASTM D 1559, AASHTO T 245, BS598

Using for measuring the resistance to plastic flow of cylindrical specimen of bituminous paving mixture loaded on the lateral surface by means of themarshallapparatus.

This set consist of :

BT12-110          Compression Machine                                         1 set

Steel frame, electrical operated. 220 V AC, 50 Hz, 1 Phase. Speed: 2” per minute.

BT12-120          Compaction Mould                                              1 pc

Machined steel, plated, 4” dia, 3” high with collar and base plate.

BT12-130          Stability Mould                                                   1 pc

Machined steel, plated, split type, 4” ID, 4” wide.

BT12-140          Compaction Hammer                                          1 set

Machined steel, plated, 10 lbs hammer weight, 18” drop height.

BT12-150          Compaction Pedestal                                          1 pc

Wooden base with steel platen.

BT12-160          Compaction Mould Holder                                    1 pc

Machined steel, quick clamping system.

BT12-170          Sample Extruder                                                 1 pc

Steel frame, hydraulic system.

BT12-180          Flow Meter                                                          1 pc

Cast aluminum, clamping bolt, complete with one ea dial indicator 30 x 0.01 mm.

BT12-190          Water Bath                                                         1 set

The internal tank and cover are made from stainless steel, outside box is made from steel plate with paint finishing. Temperature up to 85°C c/w thermoregulator for maintenance temperature as required by the standard test, can hold 6 ea marshall specimen.

220 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 ph, 1.200 W

GL90-100/06    Proving Ring, 6.000 lbs                                          1 set

Optional accessories :

GL92-190       Triple Beam Balance 2610 g

GL93-110/02  Thermometer,dial pocket, 0 – 250oC

GL97-230/02  Leather Gloves

GL91-100/03  Oven, 200°C, 53 litre cap.

BT 12-194 WaterBath

As BT12-190, hold 12 ea marshall specimen.

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