Ring and Ball Apparatus for Softening Point

Ring and Ball Apparatus for Softening Point-ss


ASTM D 36, AASHTO T 53, BS 2000

The softness of bitumen depends, among others factors, on temperature of the substance, where as the temperature is raised, the softness of the bitumen increases. This simple apparatus has been developed in order to determine these characteristic. It consist of a Pyrex beaker, brass lid, two tapered rings, two ball centering guides, that can be regulated in height and two balls as required by standard.

Weight  900 g.

BT 36-110 Steel Ball 9,5 mm dia

T 36-112 Brass Tapered rings

BT 36-114 Ball centering guide

BT 36-116 Glass vessel / Beaker

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Optional accessories :

GL93-160/04    IP60C Thermometer –2 to 80°C, 0.2° div.

GL93-160/05    IP61C Thermometer 30 to 200°C, 0.5° div.

GL93-160/06    IP 89C Thermometer –1 to 175°C, 0.5° div.

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