Slump Test



SLUMP TEST with acrylic base plate

SLUMP TEST with acrylic base plate




Set CT15-100  SLUMP TEST ASTM C 143, AASHTO T 119, BS1881-102, BS5075

Determining workability of samples of freshly concrete.

This set consist of :

CT15-110          Slump Cone                                                             1 pc

Made of steel sheet, 4” top dia, 8” bottom dia, 12” height. Galvanized finished, with handle and foot

CT15-120          Inspection Scale                                                     1 pc

Machined steel, complete with scale 0 – 32 cm for slump measurement, 1 cm increment.

GL96-120/04    Cement Pan                                                             1 pc

                       Steel Sheet 650 x 650 x 75 mm, with handle

GL97-180/02    Scoop                                                                      1 pc

                       Round type large size. Aluminium casting

GL97-170/02    Mixing Trowel, pointed type                                 1 pc

GL97-190/04    Cement Mould Brush                                          1 pc

CT15-140          Tamping Rod                                                     1 pc

                        Machined steel, 160 mm dia, 600 mm length, hemispherical at both sides

Accessories :

CT15-115         Base Plate

Made of acrylic, 650 x 650 x 20 mm.

This acrylic base plate can replace GL96-120/04.

CT15-115A      Base Plate

As CT15-115,made of steel plate,size 650x650x5 mm.

CT15-111         Slump Cone

As CT15-110, but made of  aluminium casting. With handle and foot.

CT15-130         Slump Hopper

Made of steel sheet, use for filling the slump cone.

CT17-100         K-SLUMP TESTER

ASTM C 1362

This apparatus is using for determining the workability and degree of compaction of fresh concrete after being plated in forms. This K-Slump Tester can be use either for in place measurement or inside the concrete specimen. The results have correlated with the slump cone test. Only 60 second test time. The K-Slump test result is directly read on the scale of the measuring rod. The calibrated hollow tube has a diameter of 20 mm.

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