Hand Boring

hand boring sl14_100

Set SL14-100     HAND BORING

This drilling equipment is using for drawing and prepares soil sample for further test in laboratories. This hand operated drilling is light and can be used by two operator.

This set consist of :


SL14-110          Drilling Rod                                              10 pcs

Solid / Hollow bar, machined steel, 1m long, 1 ¼” dia.

SL14-120          Iwan Auger`                                             1 pc

Welded steel, Two radial blades.

SL14-140          Straight Chopping                                  1 pc

For straight chopping, hardened tip

SL14-150          T-piece                                                      1 pc

Welded steel, c/w handle

SL14-160          Tube Adaptor                                           1 pc

Machined steel, with 3 clamping bolt. Galvanized finish

SL14-170          Rod head                                                  1 pc

Machined steel

SL14-174 Turning Head                                                    1 pc

Machined steel, 1 1/4″ dia, 60cm length

SL14-182          Sample Tube                                           10 pcs

Seamless steel, 64 mm ID, 450 mm length

SL14-190          Tube Wrench                                           1 pc

For open and fasten Tube adapter. Machined steel.

GL97-140/04    Pipe Wrench 18” length                        2 pcs

GL97-120/03    Hammer                                                   1 pc

5 kg weight, wooden handle

GL97-190/04    Wire Brush                                               1 pc


Weight approx 125 kg.

Optional accessories:

SL14-200          Paraffin

SL14-210          Vertical Guide

SL56-100          Horizontal Sample Ejector

CT41-130          Ladle

GL91-160/01    Field Gas Stove

GL96-130/04    Mixing Bowl 250 mm dia


Dimension 110 x  60 x  60 cm (L x W x H)

Weight approx 135 kg


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