Time Setting Of Hydraulic Cement By Vicat Needle

Vicat apparatus Vicat apparatus Conical Ring Mould

Vicat apparatus Vicat apparatus Conical Ring Mould

Vicat apparatus Final needle

Vicat apparatus Final needle


ASTM C 187, C 191, AASHTO T 129, BS 4550

Using for determining normal consistency and time of setting of hydraulic cement.

This set consist of :

CM35-110      Vicat apparatus                           1 set

                     Aluminium Cast frame, stainless steel rod, scale 0 – 50mm scale.

CM35-120      Vicat apparatus                           1 pc

                      1 mm dia, made of stainless steel, with footing, brass threaded

CM35-130      Final needle                                1 pc

                     1 mm dia. Made of stainless steel, brass threaded.

CM35-140      Conical Ring Mould                      1 pc

                      0 mm base dia. 60 mm top dia,  40 mm height

CM35-150      Glass Plate                                 1 pc

                      12 cm x 12 cm x 5 mm thickness

Optional accessories :

GL94-220/05  Graduated Cylinder,250 ml cap.   1 pc

GL90-140/01  Stopwatch                                 1 pc

GL97-110/01  Scraper                                     1 pc

GL97-230/01  Rubber Gloves                            1 set


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