Wooden Sieve




AT22-100         WOODEN SIEVE

Using for determining grain size distribution of soil particles or sand / gravel. Made of wooden frame and brass / stainless steel mesh.

AT22-100/01   Mesh No.4”

AT22-100/02   Mesh No. 3½”

AT22-100/03   Mesh No. 3

AT22-100/04   Mesh No. 2½”

AT22-100/05   Mesh No. 2

AT22-100/06   Mesh No. 1 3/4”

AT22-100/07   Mesh No. 1½”

AT22-100/08   Mesh No. 1¼”

AT22-100/09   Mesh No. 1”

AT22-100/10   Mesh No. 7/8”

AT22-100/11   Mesh No. 3/4”

AT22-100/12   Mesh No. 5/8”

AT22-100/13   Mesh No. ½”

AT22-100/14   Mesh No. 7/16”

AT22-100/15   Mesh No. 3/8”

AT22-100/16   Mesh No. 5/16”

AT22-100/17   Mesh No. ¼”

AT22-100/18   Mesh No. 4


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